About us

Our vision and mission

Our vision is for every person living or working in Lancashire to feel safe from violence and violent crime.

Our mission has 4 strands:

1. Prevention

Prevention and early intervention are at the core of our violence reduction network. We focus on our community and partnership strengths to reduce, prevent and respond to violence.

2. Enforcement

We work closely with our partners to use civil and criminal remedies. We are committed to swift, visible justice for those who commit violence.

3. Evidence

We promote a learning culture and develop evidence of good practice. We take a system-wide approach across Lancashire partnerships.

4. Culture

We take a public health approach to tacking violence. We build on our community links and partnerships, including working with people with lived experience, to reduce and prevent violence. We work to build a trauma informed approach across the county’s services.

Public health approach

Serious violence cannot be tackled in isolation. The main reasons people commit violence relate to poverty, parenting, purpose, and hope.

Our public health approach means that we tackle the root causes of violence as well as the immediate symptoms.

By helping individuals to improve their lives, the lives of their families and whole communities are also improved. As a result we see less violence and fewer victims of violence.

Who is represented on the VRN

We have team members from all over the public sector who enable our public health approach. They represent youth offending teams, schools and colleges, public health, police, children’s social care, probation, community safety partnerships, Lancashire PCC, Lancashire County Council and the NHS.

Our Partners

Find out about our network of partner organisations.

Culture Change

Find out about our ambition for Lancashire to become a trauma informed county.

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