Emergency department navigators

What is the ED navigator scheme?

The emergency department navigator scheme helps people to access support services. It’s based within Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Royal Lancaster Infirmary emergency departments and supports people aged 10-39. Trained staff may engage with anyone, but they particularly look to talk to those young people who attend hospital with violence related injuries and who feel they are living in difficult or dangerous situations and feel anxious for their own safety.

ED navigators work on a part-time basis but also make follow-up referrals for those attending the emergency department out of hours.

Not everyone wishes to report matters to the police when they go to hospital after being physically or sexually assaulted. Sometimes going to hospital is a last resort for someone who needs medical attention. They may not be aware that they can also access ongoing help to manage difficult situations that they may be living with.

Our service provides a non-judgemental offer of support that continues after discharge.

ED navigators are currently operating at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Royal Lancaster Infirmary. There are plans to expand this service across Lancashire in the future.

The navigator programme is an established programme that has been operating successfully in hospitals across Scotland for many years. There are similar schemes in London, South Yorkshire and elsewhere across the UK.

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