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Energy Wall Lancaster Farms

Energy Wall Installed at Lancaster Farms

An Energy Wall has been installed at Lancaster Farms as part of the VRNs work with Lancashire prisons. The wall has been installed to contribute towards a reduction in damage caused to prison property, reducing prison adjudications and financial costs, reducing violence and to encourage positive interactions.

The Energy Wall is an interactive activity that can be played individually, as a team or competitively amongst a group. Four different games are programmed into the wall targeting a range of areas including reaction times, memory, speed and fitness.

  • The gym – as a tool for those working with violent tendencies.
  • Reception – as a tool to manage anger and frustration.
  • Education – providing brain breaks (particularly for individuals with ADHD).

Since the arrival of the newly appointed Neurodiversity lead the energy wall is now continually making its way around the residential wings to offer brain breaks, distraction and anger management options for all prisoners.

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