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New Night Guardian video launches as part of violence against women and girls campaign

Lancashire Violence Reduction Network (LVRN) have released a new video and accompanying artwork to shine a light on the concerning behaviours women are faced with on a regular basis.   

Funded by the Home Office’s Grip funding, it forms part of Lancashire’s Violence Against Women and Girls strategy in creating a safer environment and addressing personal safety concerns.  

Alongside the campaign, the LVRN are working with Lancashire Police to coordinate increased patrols in and around licensed premises to help prevent violence and sexual offences.  

The operation will see uniformed patrols in busy town centres, but also the use of specially trained plain clothed officers who will be there to help protect people, in particular women, by identifying people who may be displaying signs of concerning behaviour. 

Finally, a range of practical measure will be in circulation to help prevent and detect spiking offences.  

These will include special drink testing kits, allowing police and licensees to act quickly to reports of suspected spikings, drink test strips for individuals to test their own drinks and leaflets with support numbers for people to reach out for help.  

Director of the Violence Reduction Network, Susannah Clarke said 

“Everyone should feel safe in our towns and cities, but as part of our ongoing work to prevent violence against women and girls, this campaign pays particular attention to the safety of Lancashire’s female population. We hope through this campaign and increased patrols, we are making it clear that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.  

It is crucial that everyone plays their part in calling out the behaviours highlighted in this campaign, whether it’s your friend, family member or a stranger, more needs to be done by everyone to highlight the impact these behaviours have on women. We won’t solve the issue simply by locking people up, we also need a shift in attitudes so that we’re not just keeping the streets safe, we’re allowing women and girls to feel safe too.” 

These campaign posters will be shown across the county on phone kiosks and bus stations on routes into busy areas. It is hoped that anyone who views this campaign will be more inclined to call out these harmful behaviours and stand with women, not against them.  

The campaign specifically puts the onus on the perpetrator and allows women to relate with experiences of unwanted attention or increased feelings of anxiety when making a journey, without feeling like they are to blame.  

If you’ve been a victim of crime, help is available in Lancashire no matter who you are, how long ago the incident happened or what took place. Lancashire Victim Services offer free and confidential support. You do not have to report the incident to the police to get support from them. You can contact them directly via calling 0300 323 0085 or by chatting online at: 

In an emergency or where a crime is ongoing, always dial 999. 

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