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Chorley Market Bleed Cabinet

Violence Reduction Network Provides Lifesaving Equipment to Chorley Market

A lifesaving bleed control cabinet has been installed at the Cleveland Street entrance of Chorley Market as part of the Violence Reduction Network’s (VRN) approach to tackling serious violence.  

The cabinet contains several pieces of equipment and instructions to control bleeding after a traumatic injury.  

The kit has been placed next to a defibrillator to create a medical care station that can provide individuals with the best chance of survival in those vital moments before ambulance crews arrive on scene. 

Chief Inspector Dave Oldfield, Lancashire VRN said: “Our mission as a violence reduction network is primarily to take a preventative approach to serious violence. However, when incidents occur, we want people to be prepared so we can hopefully save a life.”  

“The kit at Chorley market is available 24/7 and can help save a life by minimising blood loss until professional medical help arrives. They aren’t there to replace professional assistance but can pack or wrap a wound to slow down the bleeding.”  

Deputy Leader of Chorley Council, Councillor Peter Wilson said: “While we hope the bleed control cabinet isn’t required, it could be a vital piece of kit in an emergency situation, which could help to save a life. 

“We’re pleased to have to worked with partners to have this kit in Chorley town centre, installed next to the existing defibrillator outside the covered market on Cleveland Street, providing an area of equipment that could help to provide a rapid response while awaiting for emergency services to arrive.” 

Members of the public can access the cabinets by ringing 999 where the emergency services will then provide them with an access code.  

A free KnifeSavers app, which gives people advice on how to stop bleeding after a stabbing is available to download on all devices. Search for ‘knifesavers’ on the App Store or Google Play. 





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