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Putting a stop to knife crime in Lancashire

Together with Lancashire Constabulary we are supporting a national week of intense action on knife crime called Operation Sceptre, which targets knife crime and people who carry knives.

Operation Sceptre runs from 9th to 15th November and will see increased police activity across the county including weapon sweeps, knife arches, and test purchasing in shops that sell knives.

This is part of the wider Operation Edge initiative which has been in place for the last 18 months and works to reduce knife and violent crime in Lancashire. Operation Edge sees dedicated officers carrying out specific knife and violent crime prevention and enforcement activities in known hot spots in addition to carrying out intelligence-led initiatives.

Between July and September this year Operation Edge has seen over 1,700 knives and other weapons removed from the streets.

Chief Inspector Steve Anderton,  knife crime lead at Lancashire Violence Reduction Network, said:

“If you carry a knife you’re more likely to get hurt. And when an incident happens its effects go beyond the victim and extends to their families – their parents, their siblings, their partner, and their children. Physical wounds act as a lifetime reminder and the emotional trauma remains with the family forever.

“What’s more, it’s illegal to carry a knife without a reasonable purpose or use it in a threatening way and being caught could land you in prison.

“Entering lockdown again presents a second opportunity for those involved in knives and violence to make a change. We urge you to use this time to reflect.

“Fortunately, knife crime in Lancashire is relatively low, but at the end of the day one incident is one too many and we are committed to tackling violent crime and keeping our communities safe.

Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“I am fully supportive of Lancashire Constabulary’s bid to remove knives from our streets. No-one should live in fear of knives being used in their community. I am committed to tackling violent crime and ensuring that – above all else – residents feel safe and secure.

“Tackling crime and developing safe and confident communities are key priorities for me and policing alone cannot prevent people offending. We need to work together to tackle violent crime and make Lancashire safer.”

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