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Bringing Hope to Life: Blackpool and Fylde College Students Open Food Banks Following Hope Hack

In September 2023, the Violence Reduction Network (VRN) hosted Lancashire’s first Hope Hack which provided a platform for young people to discuss and develop solutions to societal issues. Among the participants were eight passionate students from Blackpool and Fylde College, who came away from the event with a powerful idea: to combat hunger within their own educational community by establishing food banks in each department of their college.

The students’ proposal was inspired by their discussions on the importance of education and the barriers that hunger can create. Recognising that no student should have to face the challenge of learning on an empty stomach, they decided to come up with a solution. With the support, and funding from the VRN, these students have now made their vision a reality.

The VRN funded the initial stock for the food banks, ensuring that the shelves were filled and ready to support students in need. The delivery of these essential supplies was met with enthusiasm and gratitude from the students, who were praised for their proactive approach and community spirit.

Susannah Clarke, Director of the VRN, praised the students. She stated, “The Hope Hack was a great opportunity to bring together young people from across the county and hear their ideas for a fairer society. It is truly inspiring to witness the creativity and dedication of young people like those from Blackpool and Fylde College, who have turned their discussions into actionable solutions. The VRN is proud to support their efforts and we look forward to seeing the positive impact of their work.”

The food banks will be managed and restocked by volunteers from each department, ensuring that the initiative remains sustainable and continues to provide for those who need it. The food banks are just one example  of what can be achieved when young people are given the opportunity to voice their ideas and take action.


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