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Superintendent Justin Srivastava

Lancashire Police Superintendent Advocates for Public Health Approach to Violence Reduction

In a recent webinar hosted by the World Health Organisation titled “Policing and Public Health – More in Common Than You Think!”, Superintendent Justin Srivastava from the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network, delivered a compelling presentation on Serious Violence and Public Health Approaches.

The webinar delved into crucial aspects such as defining public health approaches in policing, understanding the Serious Violence Duty, and exploring the role of Violence Reduction Networks.

One of the key points emphasised by Superintendent Srivastava was the necessity of addressing the root causes of violent crime, rather than solely relying on punitive measures. While law enforcement plays a crucial role, understanding and mitigating the underlying factors that drive individuals towards violence is paramount.

For those who couldn’t attend the live event, the full recorded webinar is now accessible below. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in fresh perspectives and collaborative efforts aimed at creating safer, healthier communities.



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